Breath Lab LogoBREATH Lab
Brain, Respiration, Embodiment, Affect, Translational Health
Director: Dr. Roger McIntosh

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The BREATH Lab investigates human brain functions involved in cardiovascular, autonomic, and immune health and disease. They use non-invasive techniques such as MRI and EKG along with biomarkers at the cellular level.

Brain Lab LogoBRAIN Group
Bridging Research on Anxiety, Innovations, and Neuroscience
Director: Dr. Jennifer Britton

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The BRAIN Group is committed to understanding the neural correlates of anxiety across the lifespan and applying this knowledge to the development of novel treatments for anxiety disorders.

Jha Lab LogoThe Jha Lab
Director: Dr. Amishi Jha

Research in the Jha Lab focuses on understanding the brain bases of attention, working memory, and mindfulness-based training. They are currently examining how to best promote resilience in high stress cohorts using contemplative/mind training techniques that strengthen the brain’s attention networks.

Manatee Lab LogoMANATEE Lab
Miami Affective Neuroscience and Translational Experimental Enterprise
Director: Dr. Aaron Heller


The research of the MANATEE Lab investigates individual differences in the temporal dynamics of emotion and real world behavior using mobile health methods to better understand risk and resilience to psychopathology. They connect these real world measures of functioning to imaging methods of brain function data to understand how the brain gives rise to these individual differences.

SCN Lab LogoSCN Lab
Social and Cultural Neuroscience Laboratory
Director: Dr. Elizabeth Losin

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The SCN Lab combines theory and methodology from anthropology, psychology, and neuroscience to understand the complex relationships between culture, the brain, and health.